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Let's finally settle the debate between Nanoblading and Microblading!

Microblading was in the SPMU industry over a decade ago, and it came to the Philippines like a storm. Luckily, experts in the industry didn't stop looking for a better way to improve these procedures.

But with so many procedures within the SPMU (Semi Permanent Make-Up) world, it is unclear which. We will tell you the difference between these two procedures (and why more and more clients opt to do Nanoblading.)

Nanoblading and microblading are semi-permanent cosmetic procedures used to enhance the appearance of eyebrows by creating hair-like strokes. However, there are some differences between the two techniques.


Tools: Microblading is a technique that uses a manual hand tool with a small blade made up of several needles. This creates fine and crisp strokes that look like natural eyebrow hairs. On the other hand, Nanoblading uses an even smaller and more precise needle, called nano, powered by a machine. The needles used in Nanoblading are finer and closer together, which allows for even more detailed and natural-looking strokes.

Depth: The blades in microblading typically don't penetrate the skin as deeply as those used in traditional tattooing, staying within the upper layers of the dermis.

Nanoblading can penetrate the skin at a shallower depth compared to microblading. The technique is often described as a more superficial approach. It is also less traumatic on our skin since we don't create an incision.

Results: Microblading tends to provide bolder and more defined results than nanoblading. It is suitable for those who want a more prominent and noticeable brow.

Nanoblading tends to produce feathery-softer, more subtle results. It is a suitable option for individuals who prefer a more natural-looking enhancement.

Nanoblading and Microblading by Miss Derm

Longevity: Both can last the same time but vary depending on the artist's skill, your after-care or skin condition. Usually, they last from 1-2 years.

Price: Nanoblading is slightly higher than Microblading due to its complexity (it takes 2.5-3 hours compared to 1.5 hours of Microblading) and usually more expensive tools and pigment.

Aftercare: They're the same. We advise our clients to avoid liquid exposure for five days and refrain from any activities that may affect the SPMU. We provide complete guidance on aftercare, including the ointments that should be used after the procedure.

Miss Derm's after care for Nanoblading & Microblading


Since we're here, let's also mention that other than Nanoblading and Microblading, we can add shading on the tail parts of our eyebrows through combinations like Microblading +Shading or Nanoblading + Shading. Instead of the total stroke technique- we're adding shading (similar to a brow pencil effect) to add a more defined shape for your eyebrows.

Nanoblading Shading VS Microblading Shading Combo


Most of the experts in the industry and clients who did both agreed that Nanoblading is better than Microblading -the strokes look more delicate, crisper, and thus more natural.

However, these are both semi-permanent tattooing methods, and the results may differ depending on factors such as your skin t ype, aftercare, and the technician's proficiency. So, it's always a great idea to research and select a qualified and experienced professional for either treatment. Ultimately, the " better " technique for you would depend on what you're looking for. Just remember to take your time and make the right decision for you!

Nanoblading and Microblading are both available in all our 3 branches- Las Piñas, Makati & Quezon City. You can easily book your appointment here.

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