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Transforming Confidence: The Art and Science of Scalp Micropigmentation

So many people worry about hair loss. It can affect your confidence and self-esteem but don't worry, there are plenty of solutions out there. One that's been making waves lately is scalp micropigmentation. It's a revolutionary technique that can make your hair look fuller and restore confidence. Miss Derm will tell you what scalp micropigmentation is, how it works, its benefits, and what to consider if you're interested in this procedure.

Scalp Micropigmentation by Miss Derm Makati

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation, often called SMP, is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure designed to create the illusion of a closely shaved or buzz-cut hairstyle. It involves the application of micro-dots of pigment to the scalp to mimic the appearance of hair follicles. This process helps conceal baldness, scars, or other imperfections, providing a natural and realistic appearance.

Scalp Micropigmentation and on a female's head

How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

Scalp micropigmentation is performed by our skilled technicians, who use specialised equipment to deposit pigment into the superficial layers of the scalp. The technician carefully matches the colour of the pigment to your existing hair colour to create a seamless and natural look like our hair follicles. The treatment typically requires 2-3 sessions, allowing for gradual buildup and adjustment as needed.

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

  1. Non-Surgical: Unlike hair transplants or other surgical procedures, SMP is a non-invasive and virtually painless option for those seeking to restore their hairline.

  2. Immediate Results: You can see the results of scalp micropigmentation almost instantly. It doesn't require a lengthy recovery period, and there are no scars to worry about.

  3. Customizable: The procedure is highly customizable, allowing you to choose the density, hairline shape, and overall style that suits your preferences.

  4. Low Maintenance: Scalp micropigmentation requires minimal maintenance. You won't need to invest in expensive hair products or commit to a rigorous daily routine.

  5. Confidence Boost: One of the most significant benefits is the boost in self-confidence it provides. Many clients report feeling more self-assured and comfortable in social and professional situations.

After 1 session of Scalp Micropigmentation

What to Consider Before Getting Scalp Micropigmentation

  1. Choose a Reputable Clinic: Ensure you attend a certified and experienced clinic with a good track record. Check reviews and ask for before-and-after photos to assess their work.

  2. Realistic Expectations: While SMP provides excellent results, it's essential to have realistic expectations. It won't replace a full head of hair, but it can significantly improve the appearance.

  3. Maintenance: While SMP is low maintenance, it's not entirely maintenance-free. Some fading may occur after a few years, and occasional touch-ups might be necessary.

  4. Consultation: Consult a technician to discuss your specific needs and expectations. This will also allow you to ask any questions you may have.

Our thoughts?

If you're dealing with hair loss issues like baldness or receding hairlines, scalp micropigmentation can be a total game-changer in making you feel confident again. It's a safe and non-invasive procedure that works like a charm! But before you go for it, make sure you do some research, choose a good clinic and understand the process. With a skilled technician and realistic expectations, scalp micropigmentation can change your life and give you a renewed sense of confidence and satisfaction.

After 2 sessions of Scalp Micropigmentation (not by Miss Derm)


The cost of scalp micropigmentation (SMP) can vary significantly based on the size of the area that needs treatment. It can start from 10,000-40,000. You can book your appointment when you contact us via our Facebook or Instagram accounts, email at or by sending us a WhatsApp on 09994789745. We have branches in Las Piñas, Makati and Quezon City, Metro Manila.

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