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The beauty of dedication in the eyes of our Ms Kikay, Ms Erica of Miss Derm

Success has two main ingredients: hard work and dedication. If you have these two in life, you’ll become unstoppable, just like Erica. She is Miss Derm Las Piñas’ Branch Coordinator—a 21-year-old working student and the youngest of the Miss Derm family. 

Erica of Miss Derm

Managing the front desk. Taking care of the clinic’s admin work. Dealing with client’s needs. Scheduling appointments. These are just some of the responsibilities Erica does on the daily. Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle of her Miss Derm life, she also moonlights as a lash technician and a HIFU & Diode Laser Specialist. 

She’s no ordinary employee. 

Her love story with beauty

Erica Pedrosa of Miss Derm

What started as a receptionist position at the salon soon evolved into a multifaceted role that combined her administrative skills with a passion for beauty procedures. 

One thing to know about Erica: she’s a kikay. It’s impossible not to notice her dazzling lashes from afar. That’s because she’s a fan of the industry. “Curious din talaga ako sa beauty industry pero hindi ko inexpect na I'll be here,” she shares, saying that she’s only ever known the perspective of a customer before working at Miss Derm.

“Customer ako ng mga aesthetic clinics. I do lash extensions, nagpapaganda din. Pero ‘yung experience sa industry, none.” 

Although she lacked the experience at that time, what she has is even better: a dream and a drive to fulfil that dream. “I worked in a hotel as a receptionist. Kaya nu’ng dumaan ‘yung [post ng Miss Derm] na hiring sila ng receptionist sa Las Piñas, I tried to apply.” This is where her Miss Derm story began.

“Ang saya ng environment dito,” she says. With almost 2 years at Miss Derm, she’s always excited to go to work. “When I'm at home, gusto ko na agad pumasok. Kasi kahit bata ako, may respeto sila sa’kin. Hindi nila ako minamaliit.” As someone who is used to be the youngest in all the workplaces she’s been to, Erica appreciates the respect and harmony Miss Derm Las Piñas has for each other.

Soon after she started, her curiosity kicked in. “I approached Ma’am Marzen, our boss, If I can be trained to do some of the procedures. Kasi nakikita ko ‘yung mga co-workers ko na ang saya, lalo na kapag nasa-satisfy ‘yung client.”

The first procedure she learned: lash lift. She found friends who were willing to model for her. “After several models, binigyan ako ni Ma’am ng friend/client,” she recalls. Although nervous at the time, she’s felt happier knowing her co-workers will always guide her. 

Erica doing laser

Eventually, she was trained how to do basic procedures including Diode Laser and HIFU. “Sobrang advantage kasi talaga kapag may skills ka. Kasi ‘yung skills, kahit saan mo dalhin ‘yan eh. Ikaw pa ‘yung hahanapin,” she says. “Kaya gusto ko pa rin talagang matuto ng ibang procedures. Pero siguro, hindi pa sa ngayon kasi nag-a-aral pa ako.” 

Life as a working student for Ms Erica of Miss Derm

Before Miss Derm, Erica used to help manage their family’s food business, which closed down because of the pandemic. Simultaneously, she had to temporarily stop studying because her parents could no longer financially support her education. “Sabi ko, habang wala pa akong ginagawa, mag-a-apply muna ako ng work,” she recalls. This was the time she started applying for jobs. Then, she found Miss Derm. 

Erica’s dream was simple: to go back to school as soon as she could. Her motivation at work stems from her desire to finish her studies. Currently, she’s enrolled as a Business Administration student at AMA Parañaque.

Erica and her classmates

“I support myself alone. Kaya pinupush ko talaga,” she says. “Sabi ko, magte-take ako ng risk kung saan ako dadalhin ng tadhana. Basta [ang importante] makapagtapos ako, kahit late na,” she adds with so much determination.

Balancing the demands of work, studies, and personal life is no small feat, but Erica handles it with remarkable poise. She fixed her schedule to allow her to attend school without affecting the quality of her work at Miss Derm. 

“When it is my, kaya tutok lang ako sa school. Kapag nandito naman ako sa clinic, dito lang talaga ako sa clinic. If I don't have a client, susubukan kong gawin ‘yung mga kailangan for school,” she says. “Minsan nahihirapan din ako kapag naghahabol. Kapag may exams, ganyan. But working on it.” 

In the midst of all this, Ms Erica of Miss Derm is keenly aware of the role her education and her job plays in shaping her future. "Marami akong natututunan sa school na nai-a-apply ko sa work ko. At marami rin akong natututunan sa Miss Derm na nakakatulong sa’kin sa school as a business student, lalo na sa customer service at marketing.” 

Erica after her leadership training

She took a business course in the hopes of establishing her own business someday. Experiencing what happened to her family proved there is more to running a business than just selling a product or a service. “Iba kasi talaga kapag may alam ka sa business. Hindi lang sya as credential mo eh, magagamit mo talaga siya sa future mo.” As an employee and a student, she seizes every learning opportunity. She takes her time to learn everything she can, especially when it comes to developing her character, polishing her leadership skills, and building her self-confidence.

“Malaki ‘yung naitulong sa’kin ng Miss Derm. Miss Derm changed my lifestyle at and my perspectives” she shares. “Dati, sa isip ko, hindi ko naman ‘to kayang gawin. Wala akong tiwala sa sarili ko na. Pero sa Miss Derm, naexperience ko na may matuwa sa mga gawa ko.” 

Lessons, realizations, and future plans

Erica's journey is an inspiring narrative of determination, passion, and the pursuit of knowledge. As she continues to master the art of beauty procedures while excelling in her studies, she takes comfort in the fact that her story will be a storyday of success some. 

“Minsan napanghihinaan na rin ako ng loob, dahil sa mga challenges na nangyayari sa life ko. Minsan napapagod na ako. Minsan gusto ko na mag-give up,” she admits. “Pero at least, ‘yung story ko, may mai-inspire na ibang tao.” 

What she’s most thankful of, she says, is having a boss who understands her situation and trusts her to manage her time and priorities. “Marami na akong natupad na pangarap dahil sa Miss Derm—napagaral ko ‘yung sarili ko, I can buy the things I need. Nagagawa ko rin ‘yung mga iba kong gustong activities. At meron akong work-life balance.” 

Right now, she’s looking forward to graduating next year. 

Miss Derm colleagues

Erica’s story shows that hard work isn't just a means to an end—it is the catalyst that transforms challenges into stepping stones toward success. With a determined mindset and an unwavering spirit like hers, there’s no doubt that limitless possibilities will open for such a talented and dedicated young woman.

And here at Miss Derm, we’ll always support her, our bunso. No matter what. 

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