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Lash Talk: A Candid Q&A Conversation with Ms. Diana of Miss Derm QC

When life puts us in a certain direction, we either stay and make the most of it, or explore further until we find what our hearts truly want. Ms. Diana Cutara, one of our most requested lash techs in Miss Derm QC, did the latter and found her true passion.

A former housewife and online seller,

Ms. Diana of Miss Derm QC

Ms. Diana never imagined she’d become a lash technician and love every second of it for more than 7 years now. Originally aspiring to pursue a career in nursing, she found herself drawn into the world of beauty—a field no one in her family attempted to explore.

To get to know her more, we sat down with Ms. Diana to talk about everything lashes, her expertise as a lash tech, and everything she learned about the field throughout the years.  

Why did you decide to continue pursuing this career?

Ms. Diana: I initially did it for my family. I remember, when I was just training to be a lash technician in another salon, we needed to find models every day that would allow us to practice on them. At first, I really didn’t think about pursuing this career in the long term, but I started getting serious when my trainer said this is something I can do well. I thought about what this career could do for my family and realized that maybe I could give this a try.

How do you think it grew into a passion?

Ms. Diana: The truth? It’s because I’m maarte. Even before I became a lash tech, I also availed of lash services. No one in my family tried to pursue a career in the beauty industry so I was really surprised when I studied for it, worked for it, and eventually earned real money because of it. I really enjoyed the whole process because it satisfied my kaartehan and I was also able to do the same to other people. 

Ms. Diana of Miss Derm QC

What are the common misconceptions when it comes to lash procedures? 

Ms. Diana: There’s not much misconception when it comes to lash lift. But with lash extensions, it’s a different story.

People who never had lash extensions are usually afraid to have their lashes done because they thought their real lashes will be removed and will be replaced with fake ones. Some also think that the lash extensions will be glued to their eyelids. 

How do you deal with these kinds of scenarios? 

Ms. Diana: I patiently educate them. I tell them that their real lashes will still be intact and that the procedure is 100% safe. In lash procedures, particularly extensions, we find the one-millimeter point where it’s safe to put the extensions on and we stick by this rule here in Miss Derm. 

If the client is still hesitant to get lash extensions, she offers a more natural solution: lash lift. No extensions needed, just your natural lashes enhanced.

Can you tell us more about how lash lift and lash extensions differ? 

Ms. Diana: Lash lift is perfect for everyday look, while lash extensions are for those who want a little bit more style either for daily glam or events. 

Lash lift usually lasts up to two weeks, while extensions are entirely dependent on how much you take care of it. 

Lash extensions vs Lash Lift

Speaking of taking care of your lashes, what’s a non-conventional after-care advice you give to your clients? 

Ms. Diana: Wait 24 hours before wetting your lashes. If possible, wear goggles when washing your face to protect the lashes. 

Another thing is to just let your lashes fall off when they’re time to fall off. Don’t pluck them. You can go back to the salon to have them properly removed or refilled. 

Lastly, if your lashes are already starting to thin because of too many procedures, take a break. Let your natural lashes grow back for three months or more. 

What has been your hardest challenge as a lash tech in the past 7 years?

Ms. Diana: The hardest challenge… is honestly dealing with clients who can’t live without lash extensions. Oftentimes, they don’t take no for an answer and this pushes their lashes to the limit. I am really concerned about my clients’ lash health, so it’s a challenge for me to manage what the client wants and what is best for themselves. 

If I only wanted to earn money, I would just go on with the procedure. But I do want to protect them and their lashes at all times. 

Are there other lash procedures aside from lash extensions and lash lift? 

Ms. Diana: There’s lash lift with tint, which is recommended for those with super thin lashes but are not suitable for those with allergies. We offer this at Miss Derm.

There’s also an enhancement procedure for lower lashes, but we are not yet offering this. Someday, if the opportunity comes, I’d love to be trained for it. 

Last question: what’s your advice for lash first-timers? 

Ms. Diana: Find a lash tech you trust and work on having a long-term relationship with them. I have worked on multiple clients for their first lash procedures and until now they are my regulars, and I think that’s because we started a relationship built on trust and respect. 

Ms Diana of Miss Derm QC

In the future, Ms. Diana of Miss Derm QC hopes to learn about brow procedures and expand her SPMU knowledge and we can’t wait to see how much she grows in the industry. 

To book Miss Diana, message us via the Miss Derm Facebook or Instagram page. You may also book an appointment via our website:

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