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One lash at a time: How Ms. Juliet perfects the art of lash extensions

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Some individuals stumble upon their true calling quite unexpectedly, especially in the beauty industry. Juliet Doria, one of Miss Derm’s remarkable lash technicians, is a shining example of this phenomenon.

Ms Juliet of Miss Derm Makati
Ms Juliet of Miss Derm Makati

Her journey started in Bohol, when she’s 21 and her life took an unexpected turn because her father fell sick. “Nagstop ako sa pag-aaral kasi nagkasakit ‘yung papa ko. Kailangan operahan,” she shares. “Nagdecide ako pumunta sa Manila para mag-work.” Little did she know then that this would lead her to discover a career she never thought she’d excel in.

In 2014, all that Juliet wanted to do was find a job. “Ang nasa isip ko lang nu’n maghanap lang ng work, mag-apply lang. Para makapagpadala sa Bohol. Wala sa isip ko na sa lashes ako mapupunta.”

One day, she got a referral from one of her friends. “Akala ko, ‘yung sinasabi ng friend ko,

Ms Juliet from her first lash extensions post
Ms Juliet from her first lash extensions post

magbabantay lang ng mga accessories sa mall,” she shares. “Tapos nagulat ako, doon ako dinala sa training center ng isang lash salon. Pinagdrawing ako ng mata tapos pinaglagay ng lashes.” Juliet was surprised, saying that during that time she completely had no idea about the job.

It wasn’t easy at first. “Nu’ng una, sabi ko, ‘Ang hirap naman nito!’ Sobrang hirap talaga nu’ng training,” she says, remembering her first days as a lash technician. “Tapos nu’ng natuto na ako, nagustuhan ko na sya. Hindi na rin ako naghanap ng ibang work. Ito nalang.”

Nine years later, Juliet has become a highly-requested lash tech at Miss Derm.

What sets Juliet apart

Juliet’s early days of training might have started as a happy accident, but she did not waste any second of learning and took the job seriously. “Super kabado nu’ng una kasi first time… at tsaka mata kasi ‘yun eh,” Even then, she understands the risks that come with doing lash procedures. She knew she had to be extra careful. Soon after, Juliet’s innate knack for precision and artistry soon became evident.

Juliet's expertise lies primarily in the art of lash extensions, a delicate procedure that requires both technical skill and an artistic eye. But what sets her apart is her dedication to perfection.

Ms Juliet doing her magic in lash extensions

“Kapag gumagawa ako ng lashes, ang mindset ko is ‘Dapat okay ‘to. Dapat perfect ‘to. Dapat tama or sakto ‘yung magawa ko based sa gusto ni client.’,” she shares. She understands that every client is unique, with distinct eye shapes, preferences, and styles. Juliet takes the time to consult with each client individually, carefully analyzing their facial features and discussing what they want before starting the process.

And once she starts, it’s game time. She puts 100% of her focus on her client. “Hindi ako mahilig makipagchikahan kapag gumagawa sa client. Gusto ko kasi, nakakatulog sila para makapagrelax talaga sila,” she says, describing how she works.

Juliet never lets her clients go unsatisfied. It’s her standard procedure to ask clients whether or not they feel an extension pierces through, or if they’re feeling any discomfort. “Kapag merong tumutusok, papahigain ko ulit si client to double check tapos aayusin ko agad.” This is her way of ensuring that quality check happens right after the procedure.

The kind of dedication Juliet has pays off as her clients often rave about the quality of her work. When asked about the best compliment she got from a client, she narrates a common incident that happens every time she finishes her work. “Parang ang gaan, ate. Tapos na talaga?” is a common thing her clients say when she’s done.

“Nagugulat sila na ang gaan ng kamay ko, wala raw dumadampi sa mukha nila,” she says, shyly. “Mabilis daw akong gumawa at palagi ko silang in-accommodate.”

For Juliet, the best review is when her clients come back to her again. That’s how she measures her good work.

Lash Lift by Ms Juliet
Ms Juliet also does lash lift

Discovering and rediscovering her passion

Juliet’s journey from a chance discovery to becoming an expert lash technician is a testament to her dedication and talent. Her meticulous attention to detail, commitment to perfection, and personalized approach to client care have earned her the trust of Miss Derm’s most loyal patrons.

Ms Juliet at the PMU Beauty lash extensions tournament
Ms Juliet at the PMU Beauty lash extensions tournament

She doesn't see her clients as just appointments. She sees them as individuals with unique needs and preferences. “Iba iba talaga ang design na gusto ng clients. Minsan, wala sa design namin pero ipapakita nila ‘yung gusto nila ipagawa.” In times like this, she takes on the challenge instead of backing out. In her nine years in the industry, one thing never changed: how she takes the job seriously, with passion and grace.

Juliet Doria has not only mastered the art of lash extensions but has also mastered the art of client satisfaction, making her a true gem of Miss Derm and the beauty industry. Soon, she also aims to extend her expertise to eyebrow enhancements like microblading and microshading.

Lash Extensions in Makati

With Juliet around, clients can trust that they are in expert and safe hands, ensuring not only beautiful lashes but also peace of mind. Book her here

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1 Comment

Novena Basco
Novena Basco
Oct 10, 2023

I've been one of Ms. Juliet's avid clients who really request her service and if she's not the one who'd do my lash lift, I'd rather not avail the service. I experienced her service the 2nd time of me having my lash lifted and she's really good! She has a very light hand, she does her work efficiently and eloquently to the point that I really couldn't help but fall asleep and wake up with my enhanced beauty because of her! No joke! I was even saddened when she was transferred to somewhere not where I'm not nearby but good thing she's back there in Makati. Anyway, congratulations to you and to endeavors in the future! Have a blast Ms. Juliet!…

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